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Would you like to dress like a princess or a hollywood movie star? You can. Zena Links provide elegant ornamentation that can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. These links connect magnetically to adorn dresses, tanks, belts, purses, boots, or anything your imagination can think of. Combine them link-to-link and you have necklaces, bracelets and anklets. Zena links are unique, fun and altogether different. How will you wear your zena links?


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Zena Links are original... I created them. I love how you can transform a simple sleevelss dress into formal attire just by clipping on Zena Links. 

From Hells Kitchen in N.Y. to Pimlico Market in London and many other jewelry districts in Paris and L.A.,  I have found all kinds of unique pieces to create my Zena Links. Many are a one of a kind and Zena Links are a one of a kind piece of jewelry... There is nothing else like them!

I believe that everyone has their own personal style.  I have created Zena Links, customizable jewelry, that can enhance your unique personal expression. The possibilities are endless -- Combine, Connect, Create.       Maria McDonough


Maria modeled in Canada and the U.S., as well as Sydney, Melbourne and Tokyo

She also worked in the clothing industry for many years and has a keen fashion sense.

​In Santa Monica, she studied jewelry techniques with master jeweler Peter Soloman at Precious Metal Arts  and is a Fashion Design graduate from Ryerson Fashion Institute.

Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Phone: 949-295-6832
Email. maria@zenalinks.com

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